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The lumber and panel markets continue to move down.


Pricing on all fronts are leveling out and firming up. (Not much movement either way) Prices are still high in respect to past history. Look for prices to remain elevated as we move into the Spring and Summer.  


MARKET REPORT: Most all lumber pricing – treated, SYP, and spruce is reaming flat (firm). OSB and Sheathing pricing is currently firm as well.

Roofing Price Increases

Most roofing companies have announced price increases on all residential and commercial roofing products by up to 10% effective March 1, 2013.

Market Report

This week Spruce has went up slightly. OSB, Plywood, Treated and SYP took a sharp run up. This years certainty of supply shortages and trucking issues will also be filled with short price bursts (up and down). The supply shortages and trucking issues predicted for this year are real, and will affect how much inventory… [ Read More ]

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