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Hey Mike,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my family is still thoroughly enjoying our deck!  It has become a well-used area whenever weather allows. We find ourselves on making breakfast and drinking coffee on weekend mornings and having supper outside a couple of evenings a week during spring and fall. Our previous deck was nothing in comparison. We appreciate your design experience and the tree material that Talbert’s carries. We were worried about heat during the summer and the Trex material does heat up but it’s nothing that a few well-placed umbrellas didn’t take care of.

Even the dogs love it and are sunbathing on the deck as I type this.

Mike C.

“…who dropped materials at my personal house this morning. As I mentioned, it was not the most straight-forward delivery (indeed he did have to get creative a few times), but he was able to get all the material back to where I needed it and saved me probably a half day of toting OSB across my yard. Very friendly and courteous, (I was there the whole time bothering him talking about my plans for chickens), and everything was neatly covered with plastic so it won’t get wet or muddy.

I know you usually only hear complaints (that are usually not the fault of the driver), so I thought I would take the time and ask if there is any supervisor or other person that should hear about this, could you please forward this e-mail (perhaps with the guy’s name, as I did not catch it). He definitely made you look good today.

Keep up the good work!”

Chris G.

“I want to let you guys know that you have a great team over there. Each delivery arrives when scheduled, has been correct and MOST importantly comes with outstanding customer service by your drivers!

Craig delivered material to my job site on Thursday. Before he arrived I had planned to have him drop everything in front of the garage. I would handle dragging the drywall inside once he left. Craig said that he couldn’t let me do that. He made a couple of quick adjustments and used the pig to safely and effectively push it inside. Then helped me take the door slabs, baseboards and casing into the garage as well. I guarantee you that any other supplier’s driver would have dropped it where I asked and left in a hurry. It probably took him an extra five minutes to help but saved me a good 45 minutes of heavy lifting in the heat. I continue to be impressed with the high level of customer service that everyone at Talbert Building Supply provides. Keep up the great work!”

Chris L.

“The materials were delivered early this morning everything looks great.

Thank you for the help and great service. I will definitely call again when more materials are needed”

David G.

“I’d like to let you know how pleased I am with Talberts and with the help Tom Ringland recently gave me in solving a tough window repair problem I have. He obviously knows his stuff AND is a pleasure to work with! Three cheers for Hippie Tom and several others I’ve come to know at Talberts.

My operation is small so I don’t represent a volume customer. But I though you should know that Tom made a difference in my rental home repair project and that will have me coming in more often.”

Steve P.

“Hi Melissa,
Just wanted to let you know that Talbert’s materials delivery went extremely well.

The truck showed up precisely at 8 AM and departed a little over an hour later. Your driver, Gentry, did a remarkable job in placing the materials where they would be easy to access as the building progresses. He covered everything for rain protection before he left. I am very pleased with the order and the delivery and thought you should know.

My thanks to you and the Talbert organization….great job!!!”

Bob Y.

“Hey All,

I just wanted to thank you for letting me be a part of yesterday’s event. I have seen very few go as well as yesterday. In fact, I would bet that you had almost twice the attendance that previous shows have had. The venue was great, the timing went well, and the audience was engaged with the show and the vendors. Congratulations to your team for doing such a great job and continuing to build a reputation as a solid and organized supplier in the building business. I know we often hear the negatives and don’t always get the positives, but from my perspective you guys did great, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you all.

Have a great weekend.”

Jason M.


Thank you for organizing and inviting us to participate in your show event. It was without a doubt, the best organized and most informative event that I have attended. It is truly a pleasure to be associated and included as a primary player in your companies’
efforts to educate your customers not only on new products but the proper way to use them.”

Steve G.

“Our builders homeowner was so impressed with our driver, Willie, and his extra effort that he told him he wanted everything on his project to come from Talbert.

Thanks Willie!”

David A.

“Dear Kelly:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help and professionalism in helping get our window replaced. You could have sent me away because the original window was not purchased from Talberts but you did not. You did something that is pretty rare these days and that is provided excellent customer service. I can tell you that this will certainly positively affect any decision we make to purchase building products in the future. Thank you again for your assistance and follow-up.”


Cindy D.

“Dear Mr. Talbert,

I want to tell you how absolutely happy I am with the service given to me by Paul Lilley in your Durham branch. He is personable, knowledgeable, organized, reliable, helpful and patient. I benefited enormously from his help on 2 recent residential construction projects. He represents your company very well. I have enjoyed doing business with your company and certainly plan to continue doing so.

Kind regards,”

Art A.

“Your forklift driver is a magician. You would not believe the amazing surgical operation he pulled off to deliver the load to an impossible location at the back of the site.”

Marshall D.

I just wanted to send a note expressing my satisfaction with your team. I especially like working with Kevin Beasley. Kevin understands my challenges as a GC and works hard to get me material pricing and offer suggestions on new materials that may suit my design and budget. He understands my time constraints, especially working with residential clients. He works hard to meet my time frame and goes above and beyond in professional service. My husband and I have been working with Talbert’s for over 2 years and in that time have grown our business twofold. We look forward to seeing Kevin’s smiling face when we enter the Durham store.


Hello Danny,

I just wanted to advise you of the exceptional customer service that I received from LaTonya Tilson today. I had several items that I needed some answers on and I contacted LaTonya for help. She went out of her way to take care of the items I needed and had questions about. She was very professional, courteous and more than willing to help me. She replied promptly and advised if ever I needed anything to feel free to contact her. You are very fortunate to have Latonya as an employee that respects and values Talbert’s customers.

It is because of Talbert’s great service and employees that I choose Talberts as my supplier.

Thank you and everyone for taking care of us!

Best regards,

Donnie H.

Hi Guys,

I have been working on a small project with Stacy King in the Durham office. I wanted to take a quick moment of your time to give feedback.

Stacy is fabulous, he is helpful, knowledgeable, patient and available.  This is one of my first purchase experiences with Talberts and I must say, I am sold.  I will purchase all my windows and related supplies from your company in the future.


Steve C.

Logan and Craig are “A-stars”.  They helped move some things around on the jobsite, including trusses, all with a great attitude. Much appreciated, thank you!


We’re building our retirement home on Lake Gaston. We highly recommend Talbert Building Supply as your complete source of materials and construction assistance. From the owner to their salesman, office staff and on to their delivery team, you will always receive excellent customer service and fair prices. You will be pleased with a positive experience!

Becki C.


I have been working in Building Materials for 18 years and have worked directly with suppliers for the past 10 years and Talbert Building Supply is by far my favorite supplier partner. No matter the location you can guarantee that you will be greeted with direct eye contact and a friendly smile. The staff always has some time for me no matter if I have made an appointment or not. I recommended Talberts to a friend of mine recently, he is also in sales, and he called me directly after his first cold call on the Durham branch to confirm my glowing report of how inviting they are to sales reps and customers.

Your branches must be called on by 100s of reps monthly and yet they are always the same inviting team that reps like me are anxious to partner.  I can only imagine how nice it must be as a consumer to walk into Talberts and get everything you need with a professional understanding, great customer service and friendly atmosphere.


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