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Meaghan's Marketing Corner: June 2021

Create social media accounts for your company! This is FREE advertising, branding, and a way to network with clients and industry partners. I recommend Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn (preferably all – but if you just want to manage one, let's stick with Facebook).

Once you are on a platform, do your best to stay active. I know you are busy – but a little planning and often spur-of-the-moment post can make a huge impact. For example, I bet you have a ton of jobsite progress photos on your phone at your fingertips right now?! Upload one of those gorgeous photos, give it some context, proof your work, and post. Voilá! Even better, tag your suppliers, product brands, architects, and other industry partners.

Ideas for posts – job progress photos, breaking ground, before & after remodel jobs (folks LOVE these), interesting solutions, team or employee spotlights, company news, tips, and trends.