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Meaghan's Marketing Corner: September 2021

Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Your Subcontractors and Project Partners

Think about how many individuals and companies you work with throughout a project – architects, framers, plumbers, painters, landscapers, etc.

To start with, it is always great to express your appreciation verbally – often!

Provide a meal or treat: Cookout, Pizza, Subs, Donuts

  • Be sure to check if anyone has any dietary restrictions or food allergies. You want everyone to feel included!
  • Drop off food at a job site or office (don’t forget any administrative staff).
  • Keep a cooler full of water and Gatorade in your truck!

Gift practical items: Various items may be appreciated, depending on the trade partner.

Swag: Who doesn’t love a nice T-shirt, hoodie, or hat? Most of your partners are proud to work with you and would love to rep your brand.

Thank you letters or emails: This is especially good for those you do not see often but who are working behind the scenes.

Throw an annual event for all your partners (and perhaps families) to attend: Fall Get-Together (cook a stew 🤤), Summer Cookout, Baseball Game, Christmas Party, Fish Fry, Golf Outing, Fishing Trip, etc.

What are some ways you show appreciation?