Meaghan's Marketing Corner: August 2021

Create and Maintain a Website

Do you have a website? Is it up to date? Do you have relevant information or updated project photos?

Websites are key in today’s marketplace for prospective customers and employees. With Google and other search engines at consumers' fingertips – potential customers are researching, educating, and informing themselves more than ever. If you are not online in some sort of formal capacity – you could be missing leads. Yes, word of mouth is still a consistent means of capturing new business; however, folks want to SEE and vet you for themselves and gather some sense of who you are.

If you do not have a website, fortunately, the technology is available and there are several user-friendly options that will allow you to build (see what I did there 😊) a website (like Wix). Additionally, most smartphones take quality photo’s that you could easily use on your site. However, having a professional take project completion photos is always a great idea – especially if they have a drone. Bird’s eye view photos tend to capture the entirety of a project in one photo.

Ideas and information to add and maintain to your website:

  • About - Who you are, your history, your experience, skills, and your team.
  • Offerings - explain what you do, mention any specialties or niches
  • Project Examples - show off work, this is your product!
  • Customer Testimonials - helps to establish your credibility
  • Links to Social Media sites - another way to showcase your work and team
  • Contact Information