Leadership Team

The Talbert Leadership Team is accountable for creating and sustaining the culture of excellence required to achieve our mission of building a better tomorrow for the customers we serve, the communities we call home, the Talbert team, and our company.

Pictured is Danny Talbert, Chief Executive Officer

Danny Talbert

Founder & Executive Chairman

Danny grew up working in the lumber company that his dad and uncle founded, Talbert & Talbert Lumber Co. After graduating college and helping run the lumber company's sawmill and planer mill operations, he started the store that would evolve into Talbert Building Supply, Inc. As the founder, his attitude and actions helped establish our culture and standards. He has developed a leadership team through the years, delegating accountability to execute the company strategy. His entrepreneurial, whatever-it-takes attitude is ever-present and keeps the team focused on delivering the Talbert Difference.

Pictured is Dan Talbert, President

Dan Talbert

President & CEO

Dan joined the Talbert team full-time in 2002 after many years of working summers and after school in the family business. As President & CEO, he is responsible for creating an organizational environment that promotes desired behaviors at all levels so the company accomplishes its mission and delivers value to all stakeholders. Dan is committed to developing a culture of excellence that enhances our ability to build a better tomorrow.

Pictured is Scott Talbert, COO

Scott Talbert

Chief Operating Officer

Scott joined the Talbert team full-time in 2003 after graduating from college and many years of working summers and after-school in the family business. His first leadership role was as general manager of our newly acquired Durham location in 2004. As COO, he works closely with our operations teams to ensure we consistently deliver the Talbert Difference. Scott is passionate about developing a positive, safe, and rewarding work environment that creates an exceptional customer and employee experience.

Pictured is Lynn Williams, Chief Financial Officer

Lynn Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Lynn joined the Talbert team in 2000 after beginning her accounting career with a CPA firm. As CFO, she wears many hats and is ultimately responsible for accounting, finance, and administration. Lynn's attention to detail, skillset, and excellent supporting team optimize the back office to ensure the Talbert team can continue delivering the Talbert Difference.

Pictured is Donald Clayton, Vice President of Purchasing & Inventory Control

Donald Clayton

Vice President of Purchasing

Donald joined the Talbert team in 1987. As one of our longest-serving team members, he has been instrumental in our company's growth and development. He is responsible for planning and implementing the company's purchasing and inventory control strategies and practices. Donald works closely with LMC and our supplier partners to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality, competitively-priced products to our customers.

Pictured is Scott Warren, Vice President of Sales

Scott Warren

Vice President of Sales

Scott joined the Talbert team in 2018. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience from his career as an executive in the lumber and building materials industry. As VP of Sales, he is responsible for leading the Talbert sales organization. Scott is passionate about strengthening customer relationships and developing team members throughout the company to ensure we are consistently delivering the Talbert Difference.

Pictured is Mike Cassidy, Vice President of Operations

Mike Cassidy

Vice President of Operations

Mike joined the Talbert team in 2020 after serving as Vice President of Operations for a large, multi-state HVAC supplier. His background includes outside sales, branch and operations management, marketing, and business development. As VP of Operations, he supports the general managers with branch operations, including planning, team development, shipping, receiving, materials handling, inventory management, and customer service. He is also responsible for our safety management program. Mike is focused on optimizing Talbert Building Supply, so we operate as a more effective team, capable of consistently delivering the Talbert Difference.

Pictured is Maria Kitchell, Human Resources Director

Maria Kitchell

Human Resources Director

Maria joined the Talbert team in 2019. She has 20 years of experience managing a full spectrum of human resources programs, services, and functions. As HR Director, she is responsible for leading and managing our Human Resources Department. Maria is committed to building and maintaining a culture of excellence, attracting and retaining talent, and developing team members for success now and in the future.

Pictured is Ramona Johnson, Credit & Accounts Receivable Manager

Ramona Johnson

Credit & Accounts Receivable Manager

Ramona joined the Talbert team in 2018. She has over 25 years of credit experience, has achieved the Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation, and is an active member of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM). She is responsible for overseeing the full scope of our Credit & Accounts Receivable Department. Ramona and her team are committed to providing an exceptional credit and accounts receivable experience to our customers.

Pictured is Tom Pugh, Business Process Manager

Tom Pugh

Business Process Manager

Tom joined the Talbert team in 2018. He has an extensive background in managing corporate retail operations, which helped him develop a best practices mindset. As Business Process Manager, he is responsible for creating, aligning, and optimizing business processes to achieve company goals and objectives. Tom is passionate about developing and supporting better ways for work to get done.