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Serving Durham and the Triangle

Our Durham location opened in 2004 and was once home to West Durham Lumber Co. It is conveniently located off of Hwy 147, near Duke University and Duke Hospital. Talbert Building Supply of Durham sits in the heart of the city, where we can serve Durham and the greater Triangle with our extensive delivery fleet.

Stop in our location on Hillsborough Road for an experienced sales team, prompt material pick up, and a large showroom with a vast selection of exterior and interior building products on display.

Business Hours:
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM | Mon - Fri
General Manager:
Bob Hooley

Triangle Tradesmen has been doing business with Talbert for 4-5 years now. I started when I was just a one man show looking for a local and convenient materials vendor. We're still just a small fish in a big pond, but right from the beginning Kyle Eubanks was assigned my account and has treated me and Triangle Tradesmen like a VIP customer, going above and beyond to get answers to our questions about special order items, ensuring our satisfaction with the materials we order, and providing much more than could be expected from the typical sales reps I've dealt with at other lumber yards. As we grew and narrowed our scope to decks, porches, and outdoor living, we became acquainted with their specialist Justin Cox. He's quite knowledgeable about the vast array of products Talbert offers, and has always been more than helpful in getting us the right products for our clients, providing expert knowledge, great and prompt service in quoting and speccing materials needed, and an overall outstanding service experience. The staff as a whole from Kevin, Chad, Bob, Denise, other Kevin, Keith, Stacy, the guys in the yard, and all others with whom we've had the pleasure of doing business are excellent. Talbert as a whole offers a great variety of in-stock building materials and special order items for the home from ground up. We look forward to many more years of business with them.

- Triangle Tradesmen

If you're a local contractor, I highly recommend opening an account with Talbert. My salesmen, Don and Daniel, satisfy my needs reasonably fast. I'm a small fish in a big pond, so that means a lot to me. Whether it's requesting a quote for a job or asking about availability on a product, all is answered in a timely manner. Often times, you'll hear back the same day. They truly are like family. Gump reference incoming... Yard staff is like a box of chocolates. Though, most of the guys out there know what they're doing and what you're there for. There are some that are new. You just have to understand that and don't base your experience off of one visit. I once left a battery saw there. The next time I was in the yard (not the next day, probably a week later) the guy that held it for me tracked me down and returned it. I can't recall his name but he still works there. Going off topic here, I just wish I got another big dog shirt. It was my favorite work shirt for a long time. Bring back the big dog shirts.

- Tyler F.

We went to Durham location to look at railings. Kyle Eubanks came to help us and answer our questions. Not only was he helpful but extremely knowledgeable and professional. Kudos to Kyle for a job well done!

- Erin H.

Can't say enough good things about this place. They have nearly everything you need on a day-to-day general construction basis, at good pricing and good quality, and a huge diversity of materials available for order. Special order items are shipped as fast or faster than other places. Sales consultants are knowledgeable, efficient, and personable - props to Kyle Eubanks for all his handling of my account. If, on the rare occasion, there's an issue with an order, they're quick to get it resolved - thanks to Justin Cox as well for his efforts there. The two Kevin's and others up front are also quite alright. The loaders out in the yard are always on point, friendly, and helpful. They keep the yard quite clean and well organized. Really everyone there treats me like I'm a million dollar a month customer despite just being a small-time business. They will surely remain my first supplier as long as I'm working, and I will always refer anyone in need of a wide variety of materials to Talbert.

- Em N.

Busy place with friendly staff. Lots of excellent building supplies and opportunities to order custom windows.

- Jesse L.

I made a very large Trex decking purchase at Talbert's in Durham and my deck specialist (Justin) was very helpful in taking my crude measurements and turning these into a list of materials. There was one small hiccup with delivery as some of my materials did not show up in the initial order. A call to Justin and Kevin quickly cleared up the issue and a second delivery was made the same day! I cannot thank Justin and Kevin enough for their assistance with my deck order. I just completed the build and have posted pictures for reference.

- Gregory P.