SawTek Pro with Sawyer front angle

SawTek Pro

Our state-of-the-art SawTek® Pro allows us to precisely cut your BCI® Joist package.

The SawTek® Pro is an automated saw for precisely cutting engineered wood products (EWP), primarily BCI® Joists. The process starts with our Estimating & EWP Design team, who take your plans and create an optimized EWP floor or roof system. Our sawyers upload the design to the SawTek® Pro. Next, they load long lengths of the specified BCI® Joist series and depth onto the infeed table. The saw uses an automatic push feed to move the joist through processing. The SawTek® Pro precisely cuts the joist to length, and if holes are required, engages a computer-controlled router to cut predesigned holes in the joist web. Before exiting, labels are printed onto the joist flange to correspond with the installation layout.

SawTek® Pro & BCI® Joist Advantages

  • Strong - Stronger than comparably sized dimensional lumber.
  • Floor Performance - Reduce squeaks and vibration.
  • Easily Installed - Easier to handle, quick construction, and lower labor cost. SawTek® precision-cut framing installs quickly, and BCI® Joists have extra-large nailing surfaces. Precision End Trim (PET) joists can reduce custom-cutting on the job site.
  • Reduce Mistakes - Each piece is labeled to coordinate with a color-coded framing layout.
  • Holes - Wiring, HVAC, plumbing, and other large holes can be pre-routed through the web in design-approved locations. Prevent joist damage and field repairs from holes cut with a reciprocating saw.
  • Versatile - Long lengths and deep depths can support a variety of structure designs.
  • Sustainable - Efficient use of wood fiber
  • Consistent - Won't shrink, warp, or twist
  • Reduce Disposal Fees
  • Reduce/Eliminate Fill-In Joist Orders
  • Lifetime Warranty

We are honored to be featured in this Boise Cascade promotional video.