Estimating & EWP Design

Learn how our Estimating & EWP Design team uses innovative technology to bring plans to life.

Talbert Estimating & EWP Design is at the forefront of technological innovation, bringing 3D BIM modeling to building material estimating and design with MiTek's SAPPHIRE Supply along with Boise Cascade's BC Framer® and BC Calc® software. The department typically provides customers with estimating services for framing, roofing, building wrap, siding & exterior trim, and drywall. We then import the estimate and design bill-of-materials (BOM) into our Epicor BisTrack ERP for pricing and order entry.

SAPPHIRE Supply can eliminate inaccurate estimates through accurate modeling based on the structure's actual geometry and our time-tested custom formulas. We generate a BOM that shows the material calculated for each component of the building. Customers can view the completed 3D model of the framed structure by downloading MiTek® Viewer.

Engineered Wood Product (EWP) layouts for floors and roofs are designed when requested or specified on the plans. BC Framer® shares a design platform with SAPPHIRE Supply, so custom, optimized BCI® Joist packages are incorporated into the estimating and design solution. BC Calc® is used during design work to perform engineering analysis on EWP members, ensuring a high-performance floor or roof system. Our design team also uses BC Calc® to perform LVL beam calculations for customers. Our SawTek® Pro and sawyers turn EWP designs into precision-cut BCI® Joist packages.

Below you will find more information from the companies behind these cutting-edge programs. Contact us to discover how Talbert Estimating & EWP Design can help you plan and build more efficiently and effectively.

MiTek® SAPPHIRE Supply

SAPPHIRE Supply is part of MiTek’s wide-ranging SAPPHIRE Suite. It is a single-source software solution combining materials estimating with EWP and structural frame design. MiTek Sapphire is a software system that uses a 3D virtual model to manage materials and improve collaboration for home construction. Identify and resolve potential design issues before the home is shipped, and provide verification of its Buildability™. Through MiTek® Viewer, offer your customers the benefits of collaboration by viewing and confirming your model during the estimating process. Empower your customers' construction through MiTek® Viewer, a superb tool for superintendents and framers.

BC Framer®

BC Framer® helps customers create floor and roof framing layouts quickly. This easy-to-use computer-aided 3D drafting program frames layouts and creates piece and price reports. It also draws framing drawings that use Boise Cascade’s engineered wood products (EWP) and develops schedules. BC Framer’s editing and drawing tools allow flexibility when modifying framing layouts. You can also customize the layout drawing with framing details, notes, symbols, and accessories.

BC Calc®

BC Calc® performs engineering analysis to help our customers size beams, joists, columns, studs and tall walls for their building projects. It is simple to use yet flexible enough to analyze a variety of common applications. The user enters the member geometry, adds loads, holes, and other relevant data then selects a product for analysis. The program helps the user identify which of Boise Cascade’s engineered wood products (EWP) meet the demands of the application. After the analysis has been run, the user can create an easy to read PDF design report that clearly shows important span and load information as well as the analysis results.