Picutured is AdvanTech subflooring in an incomplete project with framing exposed.

Panels & Sheathing

Talbert Building Supply has a variety of panels and sheathing products available to provide a durable backing for interior and exterior facing materials and provide protection from the elements.

Light shines through the framing of this unfinished project with AdvanTech Subflooring.


Quality subfloor, engineered to bring performance, quality and confidence to every build.

Close up shot of LP Topnotch subflooring sheets

LP TopNotch Sub-Flooring

LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring features excellent strength and stiffness, and is available in two performance levels: 250 and 350.

LP Legacy

LP Legacy Sub-Flooring

One of the stiffest in class, LP Legacy is made of Gorilla Tough® Panels and are packed with more strands, resin, and wax for Superior Moisture Resistance.

Photo of LP Techshield panel.

LP TechShield

LP® TechShield panels’ VaporVents™ Technology prevents moisture buildup during and after construction while blocking up to 97% of radiant heat in roof panels. Installed in over 1.5 million homes in the United States, LP TechShield panels also lower attic temperatures up to 30° F.

Photo of construction worker assembling Zip System on a project.

Huber ZIP System

A revolutionary structural roof and wall system that streamlines weatherization with an integrated air and water-resistive barrier.

Photo of GP plywood sheets

Plywood, OSB, & Other Panels

Plywood, OSB, and misc. panels are extremely versatile and can be used in various interior and exterior applications.