Moulding Knives organized on a shelf

Custom Millwork & Door Shops

Our Custom Millwork & Door Shops located at our Clemmons branch are capable of custom, handcrafted designs, including moulding, cabinets, doors, and more.

Millwork Shop

Our Millwork Shop can provide custom, handcrafted products to fit your project needs, from matching a historical moulding profile to custom architectural details, all in various wood species.

  • Custom Mouldings - We can grind our knives, whether you want a custom profile or to replicate an existing moulding for a remodel/repair.
  • Panel/Casework - cabinets, wine racks, cabinet doors, or door replication
  • Wood Siding - whether it’s an odd size of edge & center bead, or tongue & groove/v-joint
  • Stair Treads - custom widths, thicknesses, and species
  • Corbels, Cornices, and Mantels
  • Wood Door Reproductions - We can match existing wood doors in paint or stain grade.
  • Custom Barn Doors
  • Wood Arched Casings
  • We stock various wood species: Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Sapele, and Maple. We can also source other hardwoods as requested.

Door Shop

Our Door Shop can provide almost anything when it comes to interior doors. We’ve got you covered if you need a single door to finish an add-on project or if you’re building a new home and need 15+ doors.

  • Whether it’s a standard 3/0 6-panel textured hollow core door with primed split jambs, oil-rubbed bronze hinges, and 445 primed casing or something as unique as a 6-panel solid pine door with clear jambs, satin nickel hinges, and clear 444 casing, we can do it.
  • “Cut down” doors, dormer doors, or even doors with specialty casing (e.g., 1x4 legs and a 5/4x6 header)
  • We stock most standard jambs, hinges, casings, and your more common door slabs.

Contact us for Custom Millwork & Door Shop inquiries.