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Get to Know Us: Our Favorite Places to Visit in Clarksville, VA

Nov 15, 2021

The town of Clarksville, Virginia offers residents and visitors plenty to enjoy all year round. Whether you’re a fishing fanatic, farming enthusiast, or a history buff, the charming, lakefront town has something for everyone to love.

Our team at Talbert is proud to serve the Clarksville community — here’s what we love most about this enchanting town.

Clarksville: A Quick History


Named after its founder, Clarke Royster, Clarksville has a history that dates back to the 1670s. British settlers made a home in the Clarksville area, driving out the Occoneechee people who were already living in the area. It became popular real estate for more settlers over the years because of the regional climate — perfect for tobacco farming, fishing, and commerce.

“By 1832, Clarksville was recognized as one of the fastest growing towns in Virginia. The Clarksville Tobacco Market was so large and important that The Roanoke Navigation Company was formed to transport the crop by way of the Roanoke River to Petersburg and other areas,” according to the city of Clarksville website. The city is also considered to be the “oldest continuous tobacco market in the World.”

Clarksville is especially notable today because it sits on Buggs Island Lake, a 50,000-acre reservoir formed by the Kerr Dam constructed in the 1950s. The dam was built as a result of severe flooding that occurred during the 1940s, which caused millions in damage for residents in the area. However, the dam accomplished more than just defending against water intrusion.

“The Army Corps of Engineers was tasked with building the dam to control the river level. Beyond flood protection, the hydroelectric dam would also provide electricity for the surrounding counties in Virginia and North Carolina, create recreation opportunities for residents in both states, and encourage protection of wildlife,” according to the Visit Meck VA website. Today, the lake is a huge attraction for tourists, residents, and anyone who considers themselves an outdoorsy-type.

The downtown area of Clarksville has evolved over the years and includes architecture from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, earning Clarksville a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Clarksville is an all-around great place to call home, but let’s look at a few of the places we enjoy frequenting most.

Things to Do in Clarksville, VA


Clarksville offers plenty of entertainment and eatery options, and we talked with the Talbert team to see where they enjoy taking their families and friends in town.

“Favorite date night spots would definitely be Buggs Island Brewery and Bridgewater Restaurant,” says Jaye Newcomb, General Manager. “Buggs Island Brewery has only been open for about a month but has gotten rave reviews. The outside seating captures a gorgeous view of Buggs Island Lake.”

For several Talbert team members, Los Bandidos and Pizza Pub are at the top of the list. “The Pub has been a staple here in Clarksville for decades,” says Jaye.

Options for Outdoor Enjoyment


There are endless options in Clarksville for outdoor enthusiasts. “Some of the best camping and fishing can be done right here in Clarksville. Occoneechee State Park is just across the lake from Clarksville,” says Jaye. “By the way, did you know that Buggs Island holds the world record for the largest blue catfish ever caught at 143 pounds?”

If fishing is indeed your style of sport, the area is home to several fishing tournaments a year. However, if golf sounds more exciting to you, the Kinderton Country Club course is highly recommended. “Kinderton is an 18-hole championship golf course,” says Jaye, “and will challenge even the best golfers.”

Camping is also a popular pastime, but “the cabins at Occoneechee State Park are great for travelers or anyone in the area looking for a staycation,” recommends Bridgette Carey, Sales Coordinator.

The town’s Quality Inn has also been completely renovated, serving as a great place for people to stay while visiting. “The hotel is within walking distance to anywhere in downtown Clarksville, and the outdoor area (with a pool) looks over Buggs Island Lake,” says Jaye Newcomb.

Building on Tradition in Clarksville, VA


Talbert Building Supply opened the Clarksville, VA yard in 2011. Since then, our team has built lasting relationships with the town of Clarksville and Mecklenburg County, and we will continue to serve this beloved area with the best products and services possible.

Talbert is an independent, family-owned business serving contractors, builders, remodelers, commercial and industrial firms, and DIYers. Our Clarksville branch services Southside Virginia, and areas of northern North Carolina, including Lake Gaston and the counties of Granville, Warren, and Vance. We provide the products, services, and solutions needed to make your next building or remodeling project a success, and we’d love for you to stop by!

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about starting a project, feel free to visit our Clarksville store or reach out to get in touch.