Meet Our Installed Sales Services Team 1

Meet Our Installed Sales & Services Team

Aug 06, 2021

Since we opened our doors in the 1980s, Talbert Building Supply has a history of reliable service. From our lumber industry beginnings to the variety of customers and products we have today, our family-owned business is committed to delivering the Talbert Difference every day.

Talbert’s Installed Sales and Services team is now a part of that reliable service, and the department is a dedicated resource for our customers. The Installed Sales crew offers Talbert customers turnkey solutions for the products we sell, which translates to more successful projects for the builders we work with.

Meet the Installed Sales and Services Team

Talbert is proud of our people in the Installed Sales department who bring decades of knowledge and experience to each project. Richard Ricks is our Installed Sales Manager, and he’s worked in the industry for 35 years. “As a department, we take the products we sell and turn those products into turnkey sales for our builders,” says Richard.

That means the Installed Sales team has a hand in the success of customers’ building projects. “We install framing, building wrap, windows and doors, siding and exterior trim, drywall, interior doors and trim, door hardware, and outdoor living products,” explains Richard.

But a day in the department is a little more complex than product installation. “We’re bidding jobs every day, writing contracts, setting up labor sources, getting scopes and agreements signed, and coordinating deliveries,” says Richard. “All that communication is happening on the builder’s behalf.”

When a customer works with the Installed Sales and Services team, they’re getting the whole package. “Talbert is the project management for the builder and the one point of contact. We’re on their job every day,” explains Richard.


That dedication to service at every stage of your project is what sets Talbert Building Supply apart from other supply companies.

Eric Mrozkowski, Installed Sales Project Manager, has been with Talbert for eight years and helps to manage the installation of products. On a daily basis, that might require wearing a few different hats. “I go to the job site and make sure the house is ready for windows and doors. I also make sure the products are correct, schedule installers, and oversee the install,” says Eric.

Eric and his team member, Clint Jones, handle most of the window, door, and framing jobs, and they approach each project as a unique job. “Each house is a custom house; we’re not doing many cookie-cutter neighborhoods,” says Eric. “So, each house is approached as an individual job.”

But even after installation, the Talbert team stays in touch with customers. “I check the job afterward to see if it’s done to industry standards. We correct anything if we missed it, then submit the certificate of completion, bill the customer, and pay the subcontractor. Then, it’s rinse and repeat,” laughs Eric.

Talbert’s Installed Sales team will also send a Window and Door Service Technician out to support the project after installation. The service tech will come out to the site, check on any product issues in the field, and find solutions to address them. “Customers occasionally had issues pop up with products after installation, and Talbert wanted to provide a service that could help,” explains Eric.


“And I’ve been pretty busy with that,” laughs Jon Greene, Window and Door Technician for Talbert. “I’m a much faster replacement for the vendor’s technician. It could be months before that technician might come to look at the issue. I’m often there within 24 hours — which means less headache and heartburn for customers.”

Talbert also works with subcontractors on many projects so that your job stays on track. “They’re key to our business,” says Richard. “They’re on the frontline for us, actually performing, so quality is important.”

“The subcontractors do represent us when they’re on the job site,” explains Eric. “We expect them to keep our principles in mind. If things are out of alignment, we address it like we would at our own company.”

Service and Commitment: The Team at Talbert Building Supply

All of the services we offer at Talbert are focused on the goal of high-quality product performance and customer satisfaction. This is especially true for products like windows and doors, which can come with additional risks and a few challenges during installation.

The Installed Sales team takes time during every project to determine what each customer’s specific needs are. “My favorite thing about working at Talbert is the people. They truly care about customer satisfaction, and that’s just great,” says Richard.

Talbert Building Supply prides itself in building a dependable and honest company with team members who share our Core Values. “It’s the small company atmosphere that’s the draw,” says Clint Jones.

“The family we all work for, the Talbert men, are all terrific people,” says Eric.

Reliable Service, Dependable Products

It’s through reliable products and the dedication of team members like Richard, Eric, Clint, and Jon that we can guarantee the success and future of Talbert Building Supply.

We’d love to make your next project a success, and we invite you to experience theTalbert Difference to see just how we set ourselves apart. Find out more about how to open an account with us, or check out the products and services we offer here.