One-Stop Shop for Contractors in North Carolina and Southern Virginia

Nov 11, 2020

As a contractor in North Carolina and Southern Virginia, you’re busy! There are lots of tasks and directives to juggle to make sure your project goes smoothly and stays within budget. And with the pandemic causing homeowners to want more work done on their homes than ever before, you probably have more projects on your plate than usual.

Having a one-stop-shop can save you a lot of headaches, freeing up your time to do what you do best — help your clients.

As a building supply in North Carolina and southern Virginia, we work hard to serve all our customers, from start to finish (and then all over again). It’s all a part of the Talbert Difference.

Complete Range of Supplies

A one-stop-shop should include a complete range of supplies and brands to choose from. This saves on outsourcing research, travel, and shipping costs — not to mention the time it takes to manage all these extra tasks — which can be costly for you and your client. No one wants that!

Having access to a full range of supplies for every project, including masonry, dimensional lumber, and engineered wood, make a contractor’s job much easier.

Installed Sales Service

A large portion of a contractor’s job is to find subcontractors. Searching for trustworthy help is a difficult task in the current labor shortage — and you can’t always know they will do the job up to your expectations.

Contractors want installers they can rely on to know the materials inside and out and who will install the materials seamlessly, efficiently, and professionally. Subcontractors who don’t expect you to provide their tools are ideal as well.

Excellent installation is particularly important for framing, windows, exterior doors and siding. Installation of these materials often requires well-trained professionals, not just for peace of mind for you and your client, but especially for warranty purposes.

Having a one-stop-shop for all contractor needs takes care of this problem. Working with a building supply that delivers the best materials and offers professional installation services goes a long way in making the project run smoothly.

Saving You Time and Money

For customers to be pleased, they need more than a great final product. They also want you to be efficient and professional throughout the job too. That means staying on time and on budget.

A one-stop-shop can help you do that. A building supply that knows all your needs, no matter what project you’re working on, is the perfect partner. They should have the supplies you need, including:

A good building supply partner should have the products you need in stock consistently. You don’t want to waste time calling ahead and making sure things are in stock every time you need something, and not everyone wants to purchase online. Quality, convenience, and availability save time and money. No questions about that.

Top-Notch Customer Service Is Fundamental

Customer service staff who understand the building industry are a must-have in a one-stop-shop for contractors. Understanding all the material and purchasing details to do your job effectively and efficiently can be a challenge. But this challenge is unnecessary with the top-notch customer service.

When you choose a building supply, you want to know that every staff member can help you with your needs and questions. And you should be confident that you’ll leave with everything you are looking for (installation service included).

Sometimes your clients can’t use their home until the project is done (common in indoor work like interior doors, stairs, and flooring). And sometimes the job is a matter of safety, such as electrical or plumbing. Either way, time shouldn’t be wasted.

That’s why excellent customer service is necessary. It gets you the supplies you need to quickly finish the job, satisfy your customers, and earn you a reputation as a reliable contractor.

Don’t Forget the Warranty

Some parts of a job require experts to install, and contractors don’t have the time to go through the process of outsourcing yet another laborer to complete the project. Another frustrating part of this is ensuring all subcontractors are fully licensed and professional. Often, if the materials aren’t installed by licensed contractors, a warranty can be rendered void.

A great one-stop-shop will offer an installed sales service team with subcontractors who are experienced and professional. Plus, they’ll stock materials and products that come with industry-leading warranties. After all, you deserve an easy-to-find team AND the best products.

Are You Ready?

Contractors are busy with projects and laborers to manage. Having a one-stop-shop where all your needs are met prevents headaches AND saves time and money.

Talbert is your one-stop-shop for North Carolina and southern Virginia contractors. We’re here to help your projects be on time and on budget. Check out our installed sales service, or contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your job easier.