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Outdoor Living Product Spotlight: SCREENEZE, Eze-Breeze, and the UpSide Deck Ceiling

Jun 09, 2021

As spring moves into summer and temperatures continue to climb, North Carolina and Southern Virginia residents are looking for ways to enjoy the beauty of the season while staying comfortable in the hot humidity.

You can make an outdoor space a comfortable place to unwind at the end of a long week or the best dinner party venue in the neighborhood by adding creative designs to your patio or porch. Whether you’re enjoying some free time by yourself or with guests, Talbert Building Supply can help homeowners achieve their perfect outdoor oasis.

Mike Miller, Director of Outdoor Living Products at Talbert, talks about some of his favorite product solutions for making your outdoor space more enjoyable.



Bugs in the south are no joke, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about being bitten or swarmed. Homeowners can add a protected, screened-in living area to their home with SCREENEZE®.

“Screeneze creates a screen porch for your space,” explains Mike. “It’s a framed system that’s attached and holds the screen in.” Mike loves this product because it’s easier to install than traditional screened-in systems.

“That traditional system is stapled on; then the trim is added and painted. It’s a process … an expensive process,” Mike says. “With Screeneze, one person can install it themselves, and because it’s a spline-less product, the job is really quick.”

“It’s a good product, and I wish it were available when I was still building. I would’ve used it all the time,” laughs Mike.

Screeneze is a versatile system: “You can do inside and outside mounts, or mount it on a flat surface. It comes in four colors and will match most home finishes — and it can actually screen in openings of up to 150 square feet.”

The product doesn’t require any heavy lifting, and for experienced DIYers, it’s an easy-to-install system if you have a miter saw, cordless drill, and tape measure. Still feel like you might need expert assistance? Talbert is happy to offer installation help if homeowners need guidance on measuring the space or need someone to work with their contractor on the job.



If you’re looking for a more climate-controlled way to enjoy the outdoors, Eze-Breeze is another great option for outside living spaces. Eze-Breeze is a system that encloses any area, whether you want to install it around your porch or garage.

“What’s unique is it doesn’t use glass — it uses a vinyl film,” says Mike. “The film has memory on it, so it will stretch like a garbage bag but will quickly go back to its original form.” So there’s less concern about children (or the dog) bursting through a screen in their eagerness to get outside.

Eze-Breeze works with a panelized track system. “The whole idea is to take a covered porch or other space and turn it into a three-seasons room,” explains Mike. “In a state like North Carolina, you can use it during pollen season.” Homeowners get the benefit of visual access to the outdoors without having to deal with inclement weather (or allergens).

Based on the type of system you choose, whether that’s horizontal or vertical panels, the system will open up anywhere from 50% to 100% for ample ventilation in your enclosed space. “It’s a flexible product that comes in a variety of colors, and it’s custom fit for your outdoor space,” explains Mike.

He’s a big fan of the Eze-Breeze system and its unique features. “Not every building supplier has something like this, and not everyone knows about it,” says Mike.

UpSide Deck Ceiling


To ensure you get the most functionality out of your outdoor living spaces, the UpSide Deck Ceiling offers homeowners with a two-story deck the perfect solution. “It’s an under-deck drainage system,” explains Mike, “and it allows you to use a patio underneath your upper deck.”

“There are a number of different methods to keep that space dry and usable, but this product can be installed any time, even as a retrofit,” he says. “It’s installed into the joist system, and it’s a finished ceiling and draining system, all in one product.”

The UpSide product anchors to the existing ceiling of an upper deck, “but water from any runoff is diverted out and dumped into the gutter drains, which is installed with the system,” explains Mike.

Talbert Building Supply offers the UpSide Deck Ceiling system, which comes in white and tan. The product is made of vinyl and is fairly easy to install for builders, and the team at Talbert is happy to help with any project installation questions.

Setting Up the Perfect Outdoor Living Space


No matter what kind of summer fun you’re planning, Talbert Building Supply has got you covered when it comes to creating the ultimate outdoor living space.

From patios to porches to pergolas, we offer solutions and products to help you get the job done. Talbert’s team is committed to service and will work with you to create an outdoor space that’s ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying your next family staycation.

Be sure to reach out to us or stop by our showroom when you’re ready to get started — Talbert’s Outdoor Living Specialist is available to help with any project you’ve got in mind.