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  • Large kitchen featuring a marble island, and NAC cabinets
    Top 8 Cabinet Design Trends

    Embarking on a kitchen renovation journey can be both thrilling and daunting, especially when it comes to choosing cabinets. In today's fast-paced design landscape, staying on top of the latest trends while balancing functionality and budget can pose a challenge.

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  • This image depicts a family gathered outside on their patio. They are gathering at their seating area under a white pergola. Pavers are covering the patio area.
    Hardscapes - Pavers, Patio Walls, and Retaining Walls

    Hardscaping has emerged as a fundamental component for transforming outdoor spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. Some of the key elements of hardscaping include pavers, patio walls, and retaining walls — these not only enhance the visual appeal of the landscape but also bring functionality to a home’s outdoor space.

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  • The picture depicts a front porch with a bench and various little tables surrounding it. The bench is against a black house and a window.
    A Guide to The Best Siding Solutions for North Carolina

    Choosing the right siding for your home is one of the most crucial home improvement decisions that go beyond mere color and aesthetics. The siding material you select not only enhances your home's curb appeal but also plays a pivotal role in protecting your home from the elements. It can also contribute vastly to the energy efficiency of your home, combined with the rest of the building materials used.

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    Team Spotlight: Premium Windows and Doors at Talbert

    Choosing windows and doors can significantly impact a home, regardless of whether it is a new build or a home remodeling process. In their decades-long experience, Talbert has always been committed to providing premium window and door solutions to builders and homeowners alike.

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  • A two-story home exterior has a cream and tan color palette and is made from brick and vinyl siding. The roof design is a combination of brown and gray asphalt shingles.
    Asphalt Shingles for Raleigh Homes

    Your home’s roof doesn’t just offer protection for your home. When your roof is properly installed and maintained, it provides insulation and energy savings, along with the weather resistance that all homes need. In Raleigh, asphalt shingles are one of the most common types of roofing.

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  • The photo depicts four glass doors leading to a patio and a field. This home’s kitchen has hardwood floors with green cabinets and a white marble countertop.
    10 Trends and Styles: Custom Doors for North Carolina Homes

    One of the best ways to add value and a new aesthetic to the home is through door design. When you’re able to find and install the right doors, this helps to create a consistent style throughout your home’s design. For many homeowners in North Carolina, custom doors are the best way to go.

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  • A view of a deck looking upward at the sky. There is a seating area with a coffee table and a couch with white cushions. A flower arrangement is next to the seating area.
    Team Spotlight: Outdoor Living + Decking Tips From Our Specialists

    Talbert has always been committed to helping builders and homeowners plan their dream home design. And ever since Mike Miller, Director of Outdoor Living Products with over 20 years of experience, created our Outdoor Living department, we’ve offered support for our customers who need ideas and solutions for their home exteriors and spaces.

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    Transform Any Carolina Kitchen: Waypoint Cabinetry

    When you need a transformation in your interior design, replacing cabinets in the kitchen can have a significant impact on its style. But kitchen cabinets in North Carolina homes can come in a range of finishes and aesthetics, from contemporary, traditional, and modern farmhouse styles. Homeowners will want to decide on how they want to experience this high-traffic space, and the right cabinet design can make all the difference in that experience.

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