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Vinyl siding on modern gray home with white trim and black roof. The vinyl siding is paired with a brick veneer on the lower half of the facade.

Talbert Team Spotlight: Vinyl Siding Specialists

Choosing the right products for your new home or remodel can be a challenge, but vinyl is a popular exterior material with customers at Talbert Building Supply because of its low maintenance and affordability. Builders and homeowners have a full menu of vinyl products to choose from, whether you need railings, windows or siding. From estimation on your vinyl siding project to installation support, our team at Talbert is there to serve our customers. We talked with our Vinyl Products team members, Hillary Youell and Jeff Higgins, about the latest trends and available vinyl products for homes today.

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Premium Brand Spotlight: Festool

Talbert Building Supply is proud to offer woodworking tools and premium products that help builders, contractors and all types of professionals finish their projects efficiently.

A view of the Childress Vineyards outdoor space, featuring winding pathways and a gazebo for visitors.

Get to Know Us: Our Favorite Places to Visit in Clemmons, NC

Clemmons is a village in Forsyth County, North Carolina, just outside Winston-Salem, and it’s home to one of Talbert’s newest branch locations. Despite its size, Clemmons offers residents and visitors quite a few things to see and do. Here are a few ways you can explore the Village of Clemmons and what you need to know before visiting.

A 3D model of a home’s structure while under construction.

Team Spotlight: Estimating & EWP Design

Efficiency has always been a priority for construction projects, and with the volatility of today’s supply chains, projects need to go as smoothly as possible. To support our customers at Talbert Building Supply and facilitate more efficient projects, we have a secret weapon: our Estimating & EWP Design Team.

Close-up image of Boise Cascade’s product with a blue sky in the background.

Premium Brand Spotlight: Boise Cascade EWP

Your project’s success is at the heart of Talbert Difference — in fact, our business was built on a foundation of service and high-performing solutions for builders. Finding those solutions and products can be a challenge in today’s growing construction industry, but premium brands like Boise Cascade are here to offer support.

Home featuring a universal design. Living room with a gray sofa, neutral-colored pillows, a leather ottoman and a gray rug. There is a kitchen behind the living room.

Consumer Trends: What Builders Need to Know About Aging in Place

There’s an increasing trend in homebuilding that can’t be ignored — homeowners who want to be able to age-in-place in their homes. In order to meet demand, there are a few things builders can bring to the table when their customers need a home in which they can truly settle down.

A street with shops in the historic area of downtown Clarksville, VA. There are cars driving down the road, and a sign hanging from a building that reads, “Hite’s Fashion in Clothing.”

Get to Know Us: Our Favorite Places to Visit in Clarksville, VA

The town of Clarksville, Virginia offers residents and visitors plenty to enjoy all year round. Whether you’re a fishing fanatic, farming enthusiast, or a history buff, the charming, lakefront town has something for everyone to love.

Man shoveling snow.

Is Your Home Winter-Ready?

Getting your home ready for winter is a great step towards protecting it before severe weather and freezing temperatures hit. Not only will winter-proofing your home help reduce any damage from winter storms, but it will also help you financially.

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10 Top Careers in the Building Materials Industry

The world of construction is an evolving one: Here are 10 top careers in the industry and what’s required if you’re interested in jumping into this exciting environment.

A view of downtown Durham, NC, showcasing several downtown buildings, some of which are historic, and some modern.

Get to Know Us: Our Favorite Places to Visit in Durham, NC

The city of Durham has something for everyone, whether you’re a homeowner or just passing through town. This North Carolina hotspot is home to award-winning restaurants, beautiful scenery, two universities, and one of our Talbert locations.