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Team Spotlight: Premium Windows and Doors at Talbert

Jan 30, 2024

Choosing windows and doors can significantly impact a home, regardless of whether it is a new build or a home remodeling process. In their decades-long experience, Talbert has always been committed to providing premium window and door solutions to builders and homeowners alike.

The top-notch service — from consultations to selecting the right products — is made possible with the commitment of Talbert’s Premium Window and Door Team. Their expertise in assisting our clients in planning their spaces and their overall home aesthetics is crucial in creating an irreplaceable experience and ensuring the success of our client’s projects.

Meet Our Team

At Talbert, each team member is crucial in ensuring customers receive the best products and services customized to their needs.

Kelly Gordon, Talbert’s Premium Window and Door Manager, brings over 20 years of experience selling windows and doors to the table, eleven of which are with the Talbert team. He works closely with the sales staff and customers, prepares quotes, and places orders. His attention to detail and expertise in the industry ensures that every project is handled with precision and care.

Stacy King, who has been in the industry for over 20 years, is one of our Premium Window and Door Specialists who works to assist the sales staff and customers with premium window and door products. He has been a member of the Talbert team for six years, specializing in windows and doors for the last four. His extensive experience meeting with customers at homes and job sites allows him to determine the most suitable products for replacements and new installations.

Matt Davis is our newest Premium Window and Door Specialist, based in our Clemmons location. He has several years of industry experience and extends the reach of our team in the Triad for improved customer service and brand development.

Toria Haddad, Talbert’s Premium Window and Door Coordinator, assists Kelly, Stacy, and Matt with quotes, data entry, walk-ins, and customer service, adding another layer of support to the team. Her dedication to providing excellent service ensures that every customer interaction is a positive one.

Emerging Trends and Changing Preferences

Our team has observed several emerging trends in the premium window and door space. For starters, there is a noticeable shift towards bringing outdoor space inside with a focus on larger doors, more glass, and more contemporary designs. “Since COVID, more people are working from home, so they’re trying to get more light in the house [and] bringing that outdoors in,” says Kelly.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for bigger doors and windows in renovations, remodeling, and additions. Homeowners are keen on maximizing natural light in their homes, creating a brighter and more welcoming environment.

In terms of the latest design preferences, we have noticed a decline in the popularity of windows with grid patterns. Instead, there is a preference for a more modern look with fewer grid patterns, especially on the curbside of homes. “A lot of times, it’s straddling that traditional look, especially in a replacement project, where you want to update the look of the house in addition to updating the windows,” says Stacy. “The look can be greatly changed just from changing the number of grids a window has.”

Aesthetics vs. Efficiency: The Marvin Advantage

When choosing windows and doors, customers often prioritize aesthetics, especially in remodels and renovations. Talbert ensures that the products they offer not only meet codes but also align with the customers' aesthetic preferences. “With North Carolina’s energy codes, your product is going to have a minimum code requirement — we’re going to meet that or exceed it regardless of what we sell you,” Kelly explains.

The emphasis is on delivering products that not only look good but also perform efficiently, provide functionality to the customers, have greater durability, and are more energy-efficient.

The primary premium window and door brand that Talbert specializes in is Marvin, known for its emphasis on aesthetics, durability, and efficiency.

Customers who find inspiration from sources like Pinterest or other homes often seek to replicate those designs. Our partnership with Marvin allows us to meet these demands, offering a range of products that cater to different design preferences and budgets.

Assisting Homeowners

Talbert's Premium Window and Door Team has a comprehensive approach to helping homeowners plan their window and door designs. They begin with a specialist visiting the home, understanding the homeowner's existing setup, and then working to marry those ideas with the new concept. This involves determining which products from our selection can best meet the homeowner's needs.

Another segment our team facilitates is seeing if the homeowners’ ideas are conducive to their homes. Sometimes, this is not the case, and our team works hard with the homeowners, their architects, designers, and contractors to provide the best alternative available.

Architects are also calling our team to determine what kind of product offering can enable them to fit a particular window or door in. In this case, our team performs extensive research with the architects to figure out how to deliver the ideas to the end customer. Specialists are the middlemen who can interpret what is coming from one direction, take information from all sides, and help everyone on the project understand what needs to be done.

Talbert also collaborates with contractors to ensure the chosen designs are feasible and compliant with regulations. Architects and homeowners can sometimes come up with ideas that are not always feasible — it’s our team’s job to work with them to see what is realistic.

In addition to offering premium products, Talbert is committed to providing cost-effective solutions. “We don’t always run to the highest price point — we try to figure out what’s the best bang for the buck,” explains Kelly. We aim to deliver what customers desire at the best possible price point, trying to stay budget-friendly while delivering what our customers want. With Marvin offering different price ranges, we can cater to various budgets without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Streamlining the Process for Builders

For builders, Talbert's expertise goes beyond just providing products. We assist builders by providing detailed quotes, identifying potential errors in plans, and providing additional service to the contractor by working with their customers. “We’re looking at everything that pertains to windows and doors,” Kelly says. “We’re also meeting with that homeowner for the contractor a lot of times to make those selections, so we are providing a service to that contractor in meeting with his customer.”

Also, by ensuring compliance with building codes, we make contractors aware of what they might not be noticing — codes can sometimes be complex as they vary from region to region and tend to change.

By offering this level of support, Talbert helps builders save time and minimize project delays. Our team provides a very detailed assessment of the contractors’ plans so they can be sure that nothing is missing. This is one reason why most of our contractors are repeat customers: they rely on Talbert’s ability to point out the issues and define the problems before they become one.

Our expertise in the field is another key reason customers choose to work with us. “Because there are so many choices and so many options, we try to educate our customer — our contractor, our homeowner, whoever that might be — on what product may be the best to fit their need,” explains Kelly. Our strategic partnership with Marvin further reinforces our commitment to guiding customers through the entire process, ensuring that they make informed decisions.

Rely On Talbert For Premium Windows And Doors

As the demand for premium windows and doors continues to grow, Talbert stands out as a trusted partner for builders and homeowners. With our focus on aesthetics, efficiency, and customer service, we are positioning ourselves as a leader in the industry. By understanding the client's needs and offering tailored solutions, our Premium Door and Window Team continues to set the standard for excellence in the premium windows and doors space.

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