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Premium Brand Spotlight: Boise Cascade EWP

Feb 16, 2022

Your project’s success is at the heart of Talbert Difference — in fact, our business was built on a foundation of service and high-performing solutions for builders. Finding those solutions and products can be a challenge in today’s growing construction industry, but premium brands like Boise Cascade are here to offer support.

Talbert is proud to offer Boise Cascade engineered wood products to help builders get their projects done with ease. We talked to Brent Davis, Talbert’s Estimating and EWP Manager, to get an overview of how Talbert supports your project’s success.

Premium Solutions for Your Projects

Here at Talbert, we are proud to deliver results to our builders and homeowner customers using Boise Cascade’s EWP products and design software.

“We’ve got some ammunition, so to speak, when it comes to doing the best job for the customer,” explains Brent. “We’ve got our own saw at the Roxboro facility, and all of the engineered wood is custom cut.”

Because demand is high for new homes in today’s building industry, our Estimating and EWP Design team works hard to help each project’s success.

“Different customers want different things,” explains Brent. “Some want high performance, not considering price. Some want to be as cost-efficient as they possibly can. Some need labor-saving solutions — so each design is based on what the customer is asking for.”

We keep a wide variety of products in stock at Talbert for customers to get the job done, and Boise Cascade offers real, reliable solutions for EWP floor or roof systems.

“In the last year, we’ve seen a lot of other vendors’ products. But as far as the quality of it, Boise Cascade is top of the mark. You can get something cheaper — which Boise does provide — but the strength ratings, that’s the biggest thing,” says Brent.

Supporting Your Project’s Success

Working with Boise Cascade’s EWP products and system means that customers benefit from cutting-edge design and analysis software. “The customer submits their plans to us,” says Brent, “and we basically build the whole house for takeoffs using MiTek® Supply along with Boise Cascade's BC Framer® software.”

“Most people are used to 2D sketches and autoCAD drawings, but Supply and BC Framer give you a 3D view of things,” he continues.

Seeing the design in action can help homeowners visualize their dream home, but having such a detailed view of the home’s layout has helped builders in other critical ways, as well. “If you take the time to go through it, the level of detail available can help to resolve a lot of problems upfront,” explains Brent.

Using the MiTek and Boise Cascade technology to plan and design homes helps prevent inaccuracy and inefficiency before the project even gets underway.

Solutions for Efficiency in Today’s Building Climate


Working with companies that understand time constraints and efficiency needs is incredibly important in today’s world. “We live in ‘right now’ kind of society. But the environment right now isn’t conducive to ‘right now’,” explains Brent.

That’s why working with Boise Cascade EWP offers more solutions to customers who need more than just a great product. Floor and roof designs are planned-out in BC Framer, using Boise’s I-joist and LVL products, then measured and cut at Talbert’s Roxboro location.

“We handle 60-foot material, cut to the nearest foot,” explains Brent. “Each piece is labeled, so the customer has the layout of the design for their build. And it works really well.”

By installing Boise Cascade’s BCI® Joist and Versa-Lam® LVL beam products, customers can rest easy knowing that the floor and roof systems they’ve installed will perform for years to come.

Ensure Successful Designs

The supply chain setbacks and ongoing labor shortage in the construction industry can make some projects seem overwhelming — and we don’t expect those things to change overnight.

“In order to meet the moment, construction teams must now do more with less. Undoubtedly, increasing our building efficiency — both during construction and creating more energy-efficient assets — and creating less waste are key,” writes Jim Lynch for the Engineering News-Record.

Of course, no construction project is without its hiccups. “But having a little bit of extra time for design — to find any issues in the design beforehand or circumvent any product supply problems — can impact cost. It impacts lead times, and it can keep people from getting into their house when they want to,” says Brent.

Working with our Estimating and EWP Design team has helped builders not only ensure a more successful design, but also a more efficient and sustainable project overall.

Learn more about working with Boise Cascade EWP and our design team here.