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Premium Brand Spotlight: EastCoast Mouldings

Oct 03, 2022


One of the easiest ways to add custom style to your home design is through interior details. Here at Talbert Building Supply, we work with builders and homeowners to find the right products for their new construction or remodel, and we’re proud to carry products from dependable manufacturers who help achieve the look you’re after.

EastCoast Mouldings is one of the region’s most well-known brands for premium quality moulding and trim products, and we’re proud to showcase some of our favorites in this Premium Brand Spotlight.

Dependable Moulding Products for Your Designs

EastCoast Mouldings manufactures and supplies mouldings for the building industry across the country, and the reliability of their products is renowned. This manufacturer offers crown and base moulding, trim for windows and doors and custom products for residential interiors.

Moulding and trim products give homeowners a few ways to refresh their indoor style, so we took a look at some of the trends and themes that we’re seeing more of — and how EastCoast Mouldings can help achieve any kind of design.

Open Up Your Indoor Style


For homeowners that want an easy design improvement that will add stylish impact and the illusion of a bigger space, the walls are a great place to include more detail, like chair rails, wall trim or moulding panels. “Moldings that blend gracefully with your wall color make the room’s perimeter expansive,” writes Ann Marie Bantigue for Decoist.

In recent years, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their space look more open and inviting. Adding subtle colors and texture to your interior design with moulding details will amp up the style in your space, like the wall design featured here.

Moulding That Elevates The Look Of Every Room


Crown moulding is a classic look, and works well in a variety of home designs. Adding crown moulding above windows and doors, or along the ceiling, elevates the look of a room, encouraging visitors to experience more of the space they’re in by drawing the eyes upward.

Crown moulding is also easy to add on to an existing interior design, perfect for remodels or renovations. “Classic white is the most common color of crown molding,” recommends Erica Young for Family Handyman. “To make yours more modern and kick it up a notch, choose a high-gloss finish.”

Adding more personality to an interior is easy when you top off your look with the right moulding products. EastCoast Moulding offers over 1,000 profiles in various species to create customized ceiling and wall designs.

Consider More Color


White is a common choice for trim and moulding, but what if your design calls for other colors?

“After a period of isolation, it’s no surprise we’re being drawn to nature. Landscape-inspired tones are set to dominate,” suggests Jennifer Ebert with Homes and Gardens.

If you want a bolder look with more contrast, skip the white and choose a darker moulding palette, like this handsome shade of brown from EastCoast Mouldings. The brown of the crown moulding, trim, and paneling work nicely against the creamy background of the ceiling and walls. Many homeowners want custom looks, and using moulding is the perfect approach to add unique design details and more color to the home.

Custom Looks and Impressive Design


One of the best ways to achieve a new look in your home is through the contrast and texture that comes with the right interior details and high-quality products. At Talbert, we are thrilled to offer premium products from a brand like EastCoast Mouldings. Working with a reliable manufacturer means we can help all of our builder and homeowner customers get the home design they’re after.

EastCoast Mouldings 94,045-square-foot production facility is located in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, and each product is made with integrity and craftsmanship. The company doubled its production capacity in 2007 to support growing demands, and EastCoast Mouldings added to its progress with the acquisition of Klumb Lumber in 2019.

Like Talbert Building Supply, EastCoast Mouldings has weathered a great deal of change in the industry but looks forward to growing further. And there’s a growing demand for premium moulding and trim products — especially since the pandemic, which forced many homeowners inside and gave them plenty of time to critique and update their living spaces.

By working with premium products, a dependable supplier and the support of our service team at Talbert, homeowners and builders can rest easy knowing their project will succeed.

Make Your Moulding Project a Success

Take a look at our menu of moulding and trim products here. To learn more about EastCoast Mouldings, visit their website here.

If you need guidance with your project, we don’t just offer premium products — we also include outstanding service to help with every job. Our Installed Sales team can ensure the success of your building projects if you need extra support.