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Premium Brand Spotlight: Festool

Jul 13, 2022


Talbert Building Supply is proud to offer woodworking tools and premium products that help builders, contractors and all types of professionals finish their projects efficiently.

The German brand Festool is a family-owned tool manufacturing company that has been doing business since 1925. They’ve invested years into their brand and the services they offer their customers — just like we have at Talbert. The company is based in Germany and has served the global market for decades now, specializing in “timber construction, carpentry, painting and renovation work as well as paintwork preparation and finishing.”

We’re proud to offer such premium quality products to our customers, especially because Festool offers builders, woodworkers and contractors a few impressive benefits.

Empowering Builders, Streamlining Projects

Getting a project done on time takes planning and a bit of foresight — but we don’t plan on losing a tool or a machine breaking down on the job. Manufacturers in the construction industry today can help building professionals improve project efficiency by creating systems and tools that actually support them, while they’re on the job.

Talbert offers Festool’s menu of premium quality construction and woodworking tools because of their reliability. Each product works within a system of tools to help you handle the transport, organization and cleaning of your tools. It’s a system that ensures the success of your project and a selection of products that we can stand behind at Talbert.


Festool also collaborates with professional tradesmen to help the company develop tools, machines and systems that support builders and contractors with project efficiency always in mind. “The contractors, carpenters and furniture makers we serve all enjoy a high quality and reliable product that won’t quit on them in the middle of a project,” according to Festool.


The company has developed tools and systems that help tradesmen and construction professionals improve their processes and simplify projects. Festool is responsible for a few innovations in construction: They’ve even introduced new tools like the first portable chainsaw and orbital sander to customers over the years.

“Systems Get It Done” - For Woodworking Professionals

The Festool brand offers professionals a few high-performing systems for building but is well known for its dust extraction system of tools to streamline projects for woodworking professionals. “Systems get it done,” reads Festool’s tagline, and for the last few decades, they’ve delivered reliable tool systems for all types of professionals.


Festool also provides customers with a full knowledge base of tutorials, catalogs, installation information and even live content to help support you through any project you’ve got in mind. And because Festool stands behind the products they develop, every tool you purchase from them comes with its inclusive MyFestool 3-2-1 Warranty Service.

Festool’s service includes an online portal that gives customers easy access to information on all of the tools you purchase. The 3-2-1 Warranty Service includes:

  • Three years of coverage (including wear-and-tear) on parts, labor and shipping

  • Two-day turnaround on repairs by Festool service technicians

  • A one-month satisfaction guarantee on purchases


“Demand is soaring. The scale of players and projects is increasing, making a more productive system more viable,” according to 2017 research from McKinsey. “The industry appears to recognize the pressures bearing down on it, and these forces are motivating owners and contractors to change. As pioneering organizations transform, they will create best practices that can be emulated across the industry.”

As a pioneering organization, Talbert offers the highest quality and most innovative building products available to professionals. Our membership in Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation makes us a competitive (and dependable) supplier for our customers.

The quality of reliable tools and our relationship with premium brands like Festool means we can offer the best building materials and the latest products in construction. To work with tools that won’t quit and brands that offer high-quality, better-performing products, check out our full menu here.