Vinyl Siding on Gray Home

Talbert Team Spotlight: Vinyl Siding Specialists

Jul 13, 2022


Choosing the right products for your new home or remodel can be a challenge, but vinyl is a popular exterior material with customers at Talbert Building Supply because of its low maintenance and affordability. Builders and homeowners have a full menu of vinyl products to choose from, whether you need railings, windows or siding.

From estimation on your vinyl siding project to installation support, our team at Talbert is there to serve our customers. We talked with our Vinyl Products team members, Hillary Youell and Jeff Higgins, about the latest trends and available vinyl products for homes today.

Meet the Team: Hillary and Jeff

Hillary and Jeff both came to Talbert with experience in building materials. They deliver top-notch service to our customers, offering builders and homeowners their knowledge and expertise with vinyl products.

Hillary heads up the department and has extensive experience with vinyl. “I’ve been selling vinyl siding for 30 years now,” she explains. She works closely with customers— and even visits job sites — to help with their purchase. “I’m happy to meet with builders who need help with selections or homeowners who might need different ideas for their siding project.”

Before joining Hillary in vinyl, Jeff spent several years working at Lowe’s helping with contractor sales. “I’ve been selling to builders and helping them order materials for some time. I’m pretty well-versed in vinyl, even though there’s still a lot to learn,” he laughs.

Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance product and still a highly popular choice for modern homes because it’s an affordable solution for exteriors. We talked more with Hillary and Jeff about what vinyl products they love and the trends they’re seeing today.


We have sold vinyl products for decades because it’s been a top choice on exteriors for so long. “We help everyone from the hometown handyman all the way up to the custom home builder. We’ve put vinyl on half-a-million-dollar houses on the lake,” says Hillary.

No matter what kind of look your home needs, vinyl siding is an affordable, popular product. “Available in various textures, colors and styles, vinyl siding is the answer when looking for low-cost, low-maintenance and versatility,” according to Forbes Advisor. “Traditional siding panels are placed horizontally, but with the flexibility and versatility of vinyl siding, it’s easy to modernize a home and add curb appeal on a budget.”

The team at Talbert has seen a few trends with vinyl exterior products:

  • “Board and batten is kind of the new thing — a lot of people are using it as accents. I’ve probably seen it on a good 80% of homes, so we’re now stocking it in 12 colors,” says Hillary.

  • “Darker blues and grays are super popular right now, so we try to pull in more of those colors in stock when necessary,” Hillary explains.

  • Homeowners want exterior details that stand out, even on windows. “Black trim on windows is definitely a trend,” says Jeff.

No matter what sort of home design you have in mind, Talbert works to keep up with demand. “We stock all types of panels throughout the company at our different locations,” says Jeff. “We market our areas based on what one location needs — and we try to keep what’s popular in the markets.”

Vinyl Siding That Is Reliable, Outstanding Support

Part of Talbert’s commitment to customers is our reliability, but today’s building product supply chain is unpredictable. Knowing your products are available when you need them is crucial. “We can special order products as well,” says Hillary. “We’re in contact with our vinyl manufacturers about lead times and that kind of information to better inform our customers.”

And no matter what kind of support you need, our experts are there to help. “It can be a phone call, or ‘I need you to discuss siding options with my customer,’” says Hillary. “It can be a consultation, looking at plans or even job site visits to get takeoffs done.”

We have always said that our primary business is service. “Some builders lean on us more than others. We can walk you all the way through every single step of the process,” says Hillary. “We can do takeoffs, we can throw out ideas and we have a pretty good selection of samples that are available — as well as displays and on-site meetings.” In other words, Talbert is there to help you get the job done.

“From breaking foundation to the final piece of siding you install, we want to supply all of those materials,” says Jeff. “We want to be well-prepared to help our customers on the turn of a dime.”


All of our Talbert team members work hard to ensure our customers’ projects are handled smoothly. “Our delivery team is great, too — they go the extra mile and are on a first-name basis with customers,” says Jeff. “And here, we’ll be available unless we’re on the phone with someone else to make everything as seamless as possible for customers.”

Talbert Building Supply: Our Promise and Pride

Here at Talbert, we offer the highest performing vinyl siding products to support our customers and their projects. Our membership in Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation (LMC) and strong supplier partnerships allow us to source a vast menu of premium quality materials. But our success is also due to our amazing team members who bring their expertise to your projects, just like Hillary and Jeff.

Learn more about working with us and take a look at our full menu of products and services.