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Transform Any Carolina Kitchen: Waypoint Cabinetry

Jun 06, 2023


When you need a transformation in your interior design, replacing cabinets in the kitchen can have a significant impact on its style. But kitchen cabinets in North Carolina homes can come in a range of finishes and aesthetics, from contemporary, traditional, and modern farmhouse styles. Homeowners will want to decide on how they want to experience this high-traffic space, and the right cabinet design can make all the difference in that experience.

Waypoint Cabinetry is an interior design brand with a full menu of kitchen products that Talbert is proud to offer its customers. Here are just a few of the inspiring ways that homeowners have designed their kitchens using Waypoint.

Create Contrast and Visual Interest


This kitchen design leverages classic white through the design of the cabinets — they’re the perfect contrast to the Painted Navy island, which becomes the focal point and most active area of the space. But the cabinets aren’t a boring background. They offer the family plenty of storage and additional style to the design.

The neutral tones in the tiled backsplash and natural browns in the shelving and seating create a harmonious kitchen design in this home.

Colorful + Clever Storage Space


Colorful kitchen cabinets are always on trend in the Southern states. “Pair them with a fun backsplash, and you will smile every time you walk into your happy kitchen!” write Cate Geiger Kalus and Anna Logan with Country Living.

Color is the perfect tool to help transform any room and create an entirely new experience in that space. Here, the sage green cabinetry from Waypoint adds a naturally-inspired hue that stands out against the stark white backdrop of the rest of the design.

The open shelving and additional counter space make this kitchen more functional and stylish for a truly successful interior design.

Cabinet Design With Integrity


Cabinet design can bring integrity to any home’s style when it complements and works with the rest of the interior.

The space above features consistent design elements — like color, profile and finish — throughout the entryway, dining and kitchen areas. This establishes a foundation of style in the home and is elevated by using Waypoint’s durable and stylish cabinet designs.

Creative Solutions for Kitchen Storage


Design solutions like open shelves and customizable colors give homeowners a playground (not just a kitchen) to work in when it comes to their home design. “Open shelves let you display your prettiest kitchenware while making everything easy to spot and retrieve or put away,” says Jessica Bennett for Better Homes and Gardens.

Create Your Own Traditions and Designs


Using neutrals in a kitchen cabinet design allows homeowners to customize the space however they choose — with plant design, seating, trim or other details. The soft neutral colors in the cabinets featured above contrast perfectly with the darker shade of the kitchen’s wood flooring for a successful and well-balanced design.

North Carolina Kitchens and Cabinets

Cabinets offer functionality and style to a space, and replacing an old design can offer homeowners a significant return on their investment. According to Zillow, “if you’re planning on selling, listing your home with a brand-new (or almost brand-new) kitchen is a good way to attract a wide pool of buyers — and potentially a higher sale price.”

Talbert Building Supply helps builders and homeowners decide on the best solutions for their kitchen designs based on how homeowners typically use their space. We’ll work with customers to visualize and create the cabinet design and support them throughout the process of pricing, selecting and installing new cabinets to ensure final design satisfaction. With options for a variety of budgets and styles and showrooms to browse in person, Talbert works hard to make the kitchen design experience a joy.

When builders and homeowners work with a supplier focused on service, they’re able to customize their designs with the right design elements more easily. This kind of customer care leads to better-looking designs in the long run, especially when everyone on the building team is working together.

We pride ourselves on supporting customers throughout all types of projects, and we work closely with partners and suppliers to make sure your design goes as planned. We’re also a member of the Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation, which allows us to offer more products and better service to homeowners around the state.

Let us help you finish your kitchen project — contact us today!