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Ensuring a Successful Delivery

Builder Tip: Ensuring a Successful Delivery

Talbert Building Supply and our customers must work together to ensure a delivery, no matter how big or small – is successful.

It’s all in the details. We encourage you to overcommunicate, even the most minor details. Providing clear and complete information up front will help us improve our level of service, make sure your expectations are met, and ensure our delivery team stays safe.

Address / Directions: If the numeric address cannot be located via GPS, we need details, landmarks, etc. It’s always a good idea to put your company or Talbert yard sign near the entrance to the project.

Job Site Conditions & Equipment Needed: This is critical. Wet ground, hills, foliage, neighboring properties, etc., can affect our ability to unload your materials. We can plan for it if we know what to expect.

  • Will there be other vehicles on-site that could hinder or block delivery access?
  • Is there a clear, accessible walkway or path for our drivers to unload and safely walk in materials that need to be carried, e.g., windows and doors?

Material Placement: Our delivery team will do their best to place materials where you wish as long as it’s safe and reasonable. Ensure the area is clear, and materials can be set in your desired spot efficiently. If this is not communicated, and no one is on-site to direct our drivers, they will use their best judgment when selecting a location for materials.

Pick-Ups / Returns: Please ensure the material being returned is neatly stacked and organized so our drivers can easily pick it up. Make sure it is clear which materials need to be picked up in case there are multiple stacks.

Other things to consider:
Are you ready for the material?
Are there homeowners or pets?
Who else will be on-site?

Prompt and professional delivery is an essential element of the Talbert Difference. By working together, we can keep your projects running as smoothly as possible.