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Exterior Home Trends in Raleigh: Vinyl Siding

Feb 09, 2023


Vinyl siding has long been a popular choice for home exteriors in the United States. It’s a budget-friendly option for homeowners who want a look they’ll love for the long term without having to worry about excessive maintenance. And in coastal climates like Raleigh, NC, vinyl siding can stand up to severe, hot, and humid weather.

There are various reasons to consider vinyl siding for your home. For example, it offers affordability and durability when you work with the right products. Here are a few more reasons, along with some inspiration, to help you decide if vinyl siding will work for you.

The Upside of Selecting Vinyl Siding

“The low cost, versatility and easy maintenance of vinyl siding has helped it become the most popular siding choice in the United States,” writes Jeannie Matteucci with HGTV.

Besides its cost-efficiency, we love vinyl for a few other reasons.

Versatile Style: Today’s vinyl siding product doesn’t have the plastic look that older versions of vinyl did. It comes in a wide range of finishes, styles, and colors to help homeowners customize the look of their exterior.

Low Maintenance: Vinyl is also less of a maintenance hassle for homeowners than other exterior materials — wood, for example, needs regular upkeep and refinishing to maintain its appearance and durability.

Earth-Friendly: It might surprise homeowners to learn how eco-friendly vinyl is as a building material. “Vinyl siding has a multitude of eco-friendly features, and is a more sustainable product than just about any other material used for building exteriors,” writes Don Browne with the Vinyl Siding Institute. “Vinyl siding yields virtually no waste during the manufacturing process. If you focus in on vinyl siding’s ability to be reground and made into new product — especially during the manufacturing process.”

Durable Protection: Vinyl siding also offers a pest and weather-resistant barrier to help homeowners keep their exterior and interior protected from outdoor elements. Some vinyl products also come with insulation for an additional layer of protection.

There are also a few things to consider when you want to work with vinyl. Product availability has been an issue with all building materials in the last couple of years because of supply chain issues. But when you work with a supplier like Talbert Building Supply, you’ll have access to a full menu of siding and exterior products.

“We can special order products as well,” says Hillary Youell, who heads up our Vinyl Products department. “We’re in contact with our vinyl manufacturers about lead times and that kind of information to better inform our customers.”

It’s also important to note the time of year that you’re looking to install new or replacement siding. “Labor will be more expensive during the busiest season (usually over the warmer months),” according to experts at Bob Vila.

Vinyl Siding: Inspiration and Ideas

Here at Talbert, we love the design flexibility of vinyl siding and have worked with homeowners everywhere to help them select the perfect style and color for their exteriors.

And to help ensure homeowners get the high-quality siding they’re after, we are dedicated to offering the best of the best products — which is why we carry ProVia vinyl siding!

ProVia siding is as durable as it is beautiful, providing homeowners with the look and functionality they want for their residences. Here are some of our favorite design ideas, featuring ProVia siding, to help inspire your own exterior look.

Calming Earth Tones


Natural, earthy colors are especially on-trend right now. “Our designers love earth tones and expect to use them a lot more in the coming year,” writes Britteny with Brick and Batten. “Earth tones can create a warm and cozy vibe and help a home’s exterior feel more connected to its natural surroundings.”

Using a neutral green siding adds character to the exterior seen here, and pairing the horizontal and vertical siding design with shingles gives it dimension, especially with the contrasting white trim.

Naturistic Blues and Grays


From mountainous areas to coastal locations. blues and grays are ideal exterior colors for homes. “If you’re hoping to move out of neutral territory, blue is a top option. It’s pleasing to most eyes, upping your home’s curb appeal. Plus, it works well with accent colors and fits into a natural landscape,” according to design experts with Family Handyman.

The dark blue of this ProVia exterior pairs perfectly with the stone veneer and gray roof design to fit perfectly in its rural environment.

Classic and Crisp White


White is a classic choice for your exterior, and using black accents — like trim, shutters, doors or light fixtures — helps to accentuate the vibrant yet clean look of a modern farmhouse design. “Black trim on windows is definitely a trend,” says Jeff Higgins with our Vinyl Products team.

This white siding from ProVia brings a sophisticated charm to this home’s exterior, and pairing it with black shutters makes the crisp white siding appear even brighter and bolder.

Get the Look You Love With Talbert

Talbert Building Supply offers homeowners in Raleigh and across the Southeast siding and trim products to help support their remodeling or new construction project. Our team members have decades of experience in the world of vinyl siding and can walk homeowners and builders through each step of the selection process — from design to installation.

If you’re in Raleigh, come by our Durham location to talk to our team or check out our sales floor — we’re ready to build the home of your dreams.