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Improve Your Winston-Salem, NC Home Design with Millwork and Moulding

Feb 09, 2023


When it comes to home design, homeowners everywhere sweat the details. Color palettes, materials, and appliances are all part of a home’s overall aesthetic, and being able to customize your home’s look is key to letting its personality shine. In Winston-Salem, millwork offers homeowners plenty of ways to add personality.

Millwork includes everything from columns to cabinets to custom siding, and adding these kinds of products to your exterior or interior will amp up your home’s style. There are a few ways to design with millwork, and the following ideas can help inspire your own home’s details.

Exterior Millwork Inspiration

“You can never make a second first impression” — this saying remains true for home exteriors just like it does for you meeting a new person. The way your residence looks can tell visitors a story without you even having to say a word. Why not make it a positive experience they won’t forget? With beautiful exterior millwork, you can do just that!

Here are a few examples of inspirational exterior designs to show you just how millwork can easily elevate your home’s curb appeal.

Unforgettable Entryways


Fypon offers millwork in a variety of aesthetics. This Victorian-style home’s exterior is impressive — the white posts and contrasting neutral brown details accentuate the entryway design perfectly.

Contrasting Trim


"Even for those who shy away from color and gravitate towards a more monochromatic palette, mixing patterns and textures creates a multi-dimensional space," Alabama-based decorator Ashley Gilbreath told Southern Living. Installing intricate millwork on your exterior is a great design strategy for homeowners who want to add curb appeal to their homes.

Some homeowners want a straightforward way to amp up the look of their exterior. For Craftsman-style homes, trim products from Mid-America offer distinction and contrast to exteriors. The mix of materials on the exterior gives this home a dynamic look, and the crisp white details offer balance.

Inviting Porches


Arndt and Herman exterior products offer beauty and dimension to this home exterior. The spacious front porch is welcoming with its white posts, railing and trim that contrasts thoughtfully with the brick and landscaping.

Whether your home features a Craftsman-style exterior or a modern farmhouse aesthetic, there are plenty of ways to customize the look you want with exterior millwork.

Interior Millwork Solutions

Interior design is just as important as your home’s exterior design, and the details make a difference here as well. Today’s homeowners want more engaging interiors, according to design experts.

“The untextured, minimalist look is definitely on the decline as people are drawn to spaces with more depth and dimension. We are seeing more texture in hard finishes such as stone and tile as people are craving more color and energy,” Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design tells Forbes.

Let’s view a few interior millwork inspirations to show you how these details can seamlessly transform your home.

Cozy Yet Convenient Nooks


Using moulding and trim from EastCoast Moulding helps to define this home’s window nook and deliver the kind of distinction today’s homeowners are after. Smart details like shelving make this small area a beautifully functional space.

Mesmerizing Staircases


Homes with staircases have a huge design opportunity, especially because everyone in the home will use (and see) the design. Using millwork to add details to your stairs and railing will make a significant visual impact.

Bright and Beautiful Bathrooms


Don’t forget to add detail to the bath space! Including trim and texture to the walls and window design gives the neutral palette in this modern bathroom the perfect amount of visual delight.

Where to Buy in Winston-Salem

Whether you need baseboards for your bathroom or a new mantle for the fireplace, millwork adds more than just visual impact to your home’s design. It gives it a personal touch and custom look that you’ll love forever and can even increase its value.

Talbert Building Supply is proud of the full menu of millwork brands and products that we carry, and homeowners in the Winston-Salem, NC area can visit our Clemmons location to see some of them in person. We’d love to help you find the right look for your exterior or interior.