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What Outstanding Delivery Really Looks Like

Feb 17, 2021

Getting your building materials delivered on-time and in-full is vital to a successful construction project. The home building or remodeling process gets a lot harder if your delivery is late or materials aren’t available when you need them.

Prompt and professional delivery is an essential element of the Talbert Difference. Our entire team is committed to our customers’ success as we strive to help contractors build their business and increase homeowner satisfaction.

And it all starts with a smooth delivery.

Project Efficiency and the Talbert Delivery Difference

You know the construction industry can be inefficient. A delay in your building materials delivery doesn’t just cost time on a project; it can also lead to serious cost overruns.

“Time delay, achieving productivities, and weather account for 60% of the root causes for cost overruns in construction projects worldwide,” say experts at Weather Build. When you can’t get your materials delivered on time, it can lead to other project setbacks.

Talbert wants to change that for our customers: We are committed to being a highly-efficient, one-stop-shop. When you shop with us, you can find a complete range of products and brands needed for your project—even if that project starts tomorrow.

At Talbert, most in-stock material orders can be delivered the next business day if placed by noon. And because Talbert is a member of Lumbermen Merchandising Corporation (LMC), a leading Forest Products and Building Materials Buying Group, we can stay stocked, especially during low-availability periods. Our LMC membership gives us billions of dollars in buying power and access to industry-leading lumber mills and brands, market intelligence, and innovative building solutions. This relationship and our strong supplier partnerships help ensure our customers get the supplies they need when they need them.

What Working With Talbert Delivery Services Looks Like

If you’re a customer with Talbert, you’ll work with our service-oriented team to ensure you get your order on time, in full, and neatly placed on your job site.

Talbert uses the latest technology to monitor, measure, and improve our delivery processes. Talbert’s shipping managers and dispatchers use a Dispatch Delivery planner to precisely schedule deliveries and optimize routes, supporting the efficient use of resources to serve our customers better.

We also ensure our shipping team has the right tech: They are equipped with GPS, tracking truck locations in real-time. Talbert customers can use the Customer Portal to track their delivery: Whether you’re on the job site or at your desk, you’ll know when your order will get there. Before leaving the job site, Talbert drivers take pictures of deliveries, and the images are digitally attached to the order and viewable in the Portal.

Talbert Delivery Services: A Day in the Life of a Driver

Richie Dickens has been working with Talbert for several years, but he’s been delivering construction materials for three decades. “I worked with Lowe’s for twenty-something years before coming to Talbert, and I knew a few of the delivery guys before coming on board,” says Richie.

“It might sound cheesy, but we’re a family here at Talbert. You spend as much time (or more) here than you do at home,” he explains. The tight-knit team works together to make sure all Talbert deliveries go out on time for their customers.

“I get there around 6:30 a.m. every day, and we start with what we call a ‘walkaround’. Our manager has the orders and paperwork ready to go for us, so typically we’re out the door around 7:00 a.m.,” explains Richie.

The delivery loads are strapped down and covered before the team goes out, and that’s also a team effort. “All the drivers help each other,” says Richie. “There’s no one just doing their own thing. If one of the guys is strapping down his truck, the other drivers will give him a hand.”

That kind of teamwork and commitment to our customers is part of what helps Talbert deliveries go so smoothly. Most of Richie’s first deliveries are on the job site before the contractors even get there in the morning.

“We always try to go out of the way to make things as convenient for the contractor as possible,” says Richie.

And that kind of reliability has made Talbert a tried-and-true choice for contractors in the area. “We deliver to a lot of the same contractors. We see a lot of the same faces on a regular basis,” says Richie.

Deliveries happen around the clock, with anywhere from seven to ten shipments each day. “We deliver all day until it’s done; sometimes that’s until 7 at night,” explains Richie.

But even on the long days, Talbert supports our team members and tries to make the work environment one that our employees actually enjoy. “It’s awesome,” says Richie. “You come in, and you don’t mind coming in, because all the guys have your back. If you need help, you know it’s there.”

Other Ways To Order

Talbert knows that customers need options for their order, so we also offer Talbert ToGo to provide quick in-store service. Our team is trained to get your materials safely loaded and get you back to the job promptly, saving you time and money.

Call, email, or visit your local branch or Talbert sales contact to place your Talbert ToGo order. Most orders for stock material can be pre-staged with a 2-hour notice. We also provide quick in-store service if you visit a branch to place your order.

Better Building Materials Delivery

From outstanding service to convenient (and quick) delivery, Talbert Building Supply is committed to your project’s success. From the time you place an order to the day your materials are delivered, we’ll make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Want to learn more about working with us? Take a look at Talbert’s Delivery page or contact us: Let’s get the job done.